Custom engineering solutions

Beveratech Engineering, established in 2008, is a specialist engineering firm focussing on stainless steel and mild steel processing. We manufacture and install a wide range of equipment for various industries, with our services including design, welding, bending and rolling.

Beveratech Engineering is a sister company to Beveratech and also provides engineering services to Beveratech’s other business units when clients require unique and custom solutions.

Our core focus areas include general engineering, the manufacture of large wind tower sections, the manufacture of wine processing equipment, custom stainless steel fabrication, engineering design and professional rigging.

We’re proud to be a highly skilled and innovative team, delivering our best at all times. Our motto is that no job is too big or too small and it’s our job to get the job done!

General Engineering

General engineering

We provide a wide range of general engineering products and services, including design, welding, bending and rolling, with the focus being on stainless steel and mild steel products.

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AGI frost fan

The AGI frost fan is a world first in providing reliable frost protection for all plants and in a variety of environments and freezing temperatures.

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Wine Processing Equipment

Wine processing equipment

We manufacture, supply and install an extensive range of equipment for the wine industry and are proud to count amongst our clients several leading brand cellars and estates.

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Engineering Design

Engineering design

We can provide our customers with concept to completion design and layouts of their new product or plant, planned expansions or changes!

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Dual Sport Designs

Dual Sport Designs is a specialist design and manufacturing division within Beveratech Engineering, focusing on custom designed accessories for motorcycles and vehicles.

Most of our accessories are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel and Aluminium, but other materials may also be used based on customer requirements.

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Professional Rigging Servies

Professional rigging services

Beveratech Engineering also offers specialist rigging services for all forms of equipment and plant installations.

Please contact us should you wish to find out more about our capabilities.