FILTEKO GREEN – (Stainless Steel Membrane Filter)

FILTEKO GREEN – (Stainless Steel Membrane Filter)


Filtration of the following:

  1. Settled Juice / Lees
    Juice lees from flotation and centrifuge
    Lees from sulphorized lees
  2. Tank Bottoms
    Wine lees
    Lees from treatments with bentonite, carbon, gelatin…etc.
    Waste from cross flow filters

Main advantages:

  • Filtration of Juice lees and Tank Bottoms in one step. (0.2 micron)
  • Membranes manufactured in Stainless Steel (Robust)
  • Good Recovery from tank bottoms and juice lees.
  • Pay back: Return on Investment (ROI): (+_ 2 years) depending on the size of the system and the volume to be filtered.  
  • No filtering aids needed
  • Reduced product losses (Recovery)
  • Low color and structure retention
  • No lees stored in the winery
  • Minimum supervision.
  • Fully Automated. Possibility of working 24/7
  • Decrease in Wine oxidation thanks to enclosed system and process.
  • Minimum wine losses thanks to inert gas system to recover last product in the filtration loop.
  • Washing can be done at high temperatures 
  • System and process can be operated from PLC or cellphone.
  • Less solids or waste downstream to the effluent plant