Depth filter sheets + Lenticulars

Depth filter sheets + Lenticulars

We provide a range of filtration products from Carlson Filtration. Their ongoing investment in manufacturing facilities as well as stringent quality management guarantees consistent product quality.


Depth Filter Sheets

Carlson’s series of depth filter sheets provide for applications where purity and quality are of critical importance. Product solutions range from the removal of course matter through to sterilising filtration. All products are purpose designed for a specific application.

The product range includes:

  • XE range of filter sheets – for use in clarifying and sterilising filtration duties,
  • EE range of sheets for use where all cellulose fibre sheets are needed,
  • W2N support sheet for depth filtration of bulk liquids, such as in beer and lager production, fruit juice manufacture or the processing of gelatine,
  • NA range of sheets for a wide variety of applications,
  • BK range – for high performance speciality applications,
  • Proc 3 sheets which incorporate activated carbon for colour, odour and taste correction and
  • Speciality sheets – specifically designed for more demanding applications.

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Lenticular Filters

The incorporate of depth filter sheets into Menticular modules results in an economical filter media in a robust, stable, non-compressible module. Modules and housings are available in both 12inch and 16inch diameter and all media grades are available in this format.

The CARLENT module range incorporates some important design features. The advanced design of the polypropylene separator discs and sealing rings enables an even liquid flow within each cell, resulting in a reduced pressure drop across the filter module, which leads to a longer filter life and filtration cycles as well as more consistent filtrate quality. Pre-compression during manufacture to precise dimensions eliminates the need for re-tightening down procedures.

The heavy duty non-woven polyester outer scrim provides much improved resistance to back pressure shock and greater back washing capability. It also allows for a significant degree of pre-filtration prior to the depth filter medium.

Lenticular filter module housings

Carlson lenticular filter housings are available in 12″ and 16″ diameter, single or multi module versions. They may also be either free standing or multiple skid-mounted to allow for a wide range of applications ranging from laboratory to pilot scale and large scale continuous production.

The housings accommodate 1,2,3 or 4 modules – 12″ and 16″ diameter – with a flat gasket or double o-ring bayonet adaptor. All internal parts that come into direct contact with the liquid to be filtered are mechanically polished to a high degree (roughness < RA 0.8um) to enable ease of sterilisation and compliance with health and sanitation standards.

The bell housing locking system allows for quick release and has built in safeguards again inadequate venting. The housing includes drain and sample values, sight glass, vent valve and pressure gauge assembly as standard.

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CarboPlus modules, an innovation in carbon depth treatment, offer double depth, increased carbon weight and increased carbon contact time in comparison to standard carbon lenticular modules. As they’re designed to fit into standard industry housings, they can conveniently replace standard lenticular modules.


  • They offer 25% more carbon capacity than standard carbon modules,
  • the flow rate may be increased by 25% without affecting the treatment efficiency,
  • increased contact time,
  • the construction is totally enclosed and they are therefore also suitable for application where hygiene is paramount, or operating conditions may be hazardous,
  • the totally enclosed construction of the system is ideal where hygiene is important or the conditions hazardous.
  • the need for loose activated carbon powder or granules is eliminated, allowing for more effective carbon use (less kg of carbon required).

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