Controlled atmosphere technology

Controlled atmosphere technology

Chemical-free storage of fruit and vegetables is now possible. The need to store horticultural products without the use of added chemicals, in order to guarantee more wholesome products, has pushed researchers to study and develop so-called “clean” technology which has now found widespread practical application.


CA Fruit storage

Fruit Control Equipments (FCE) is a world leader in the field of Controlled and Generated Atmosphere, for refrigerated storage of perishable products, specifically fruits and vegetables. Although FCE officially started its activities in 1985, staff members had been working since 1952 with Eng. Bonomi, who was the first to introduce Controlled Atmosphere (CA) in the European markets.

We provide the following equipment & technologies:

  • CO2 Scrubbers
  • N2 Generators
  • O2 Scrubbers
  • Burners
  • Ethylene adsorbers
  • Ethylene catalytic converters
  • Humidifiers
  • Analysing systems
  • Environmental Sanitization System
  • Automation and management
  • Table grape SO2 solutions
  • Ripening and de-greening systems
  • Accessories for gas tightness
  • CA doors


  • CA (Controlled Atmosphere)
  • ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen)
  • ILOS (Initial Low Oxygen Stress)

Towards the end of the “1990”s, FCE was the first company, together with Research Institutes, to start applying ILOS (Initial Low Oxygen Stress) techniques for apple storage.

The intention was to improve the results already obtained with ULO technologies and to prevent superficial scald damage, without using post-harvest chemical treatments.


Taking advantage of the experience gained, and improving the initial technology, Fruit Control Equipments has patented the SWINGLOS method.

The SWINGLOS method corresponds to a cycle repeated over time (variable) of the initial oxygen stress phase followed by the ULO phase, placing great attention on the variations of the CO2 concentrations inside the cell, depending on the variety of the fruit.

This is in combination with quality control tests carried out on the stored product.

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