Ritlee South African products

Ritlee agricultural equipment

Beveratech is proud to be a distributor for Ritlee, a well established manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment. Ritlee believes that their best ‘salesmen’ are their products themselves and the brand enjoys wide recognition in the market place.

Wright industrial

Wright industrial lawnmowers

The Wright mid-mount Z Mower can handle your biggest, toughest jobs without breaking a sweat or stride! At up to 150kg less than the competition, the mid-mount Z is the strongest, fastest, and most agile mid-mount available among commercial lawn mowers today. It’s compact, lightweight design means less rut damage on the turf. Not to mention, it fits easily on the trailer. Yet the Mid-Mount Z’s low center of gravity offers all the stability you’ve come to expect from Wright.

2x Large 16cc hydro-gear pumps PLUS 2x hydro-gear 15cu inch motors allowing cooler and faster running than the opposition.

Available with:

  • Cut: 48″ / 52″ / 61″ (1.22 / 1.32 / 1.55 meter),
  • height: foot pedal operated from 2.54cm to 13.3cm,
  • blades: 2x or 3x blades with tip sped of 3.584 rpm,
  • blade clutch: WARNER,
  • engine: 19 / 23 / 29 HP Kawasaki engines only,/li>
  • drive Speed: 13mph (forward) / 7mph (reverse),
  • weight: 427 – 447kg dry.

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Lane turners

Backhus compost lane turners

The name BACKHUS is internationally synonymous with turners.

Innovative design and continuous improvement have made all BACKHUS turners into efficient, cost effective solutions.

BACKHUS Windrow Turners offer turning capacities from 500 m³/h up to a phenomenal 6,800 M³/h.The BACKHUS A 30 is a robust, compact and manoeuvrable turner that is easy to operate. It requires little maintenance and provides superior performance.

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A30 windrow turner

Backus A30 windrow turner

The BACKHUS A 30 is a robust, compact and manoeuvrable turner that is easy to operate. It requires little maintenance and provides superior performance.

The fully self-propelled A 30 is easy to transport and assures maximum flexibility. It is ideally suited for use in the gardening, landscaping, fruit growing and market gardening sectors as well as for the maintenance of municipal parks.

  • Heap width: 3m,
  • heap height: 1.3m,
  • turning capacity: 700 cubic meters per hour,
  • engine: Yanmar 4TNV88 40 kw @ 2.400 or Yanmar 4TNV88 35,4 kw @ 3.000,
  • weight: 1,900 kg.

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Wing mower

4.73m wing mower

The Eagle 15 Flex Wing Rotary Mower with its higher rated horsepower gearboxes, thick deck design and improved blade tip speeds can cut grass, weeds and brush up to 3 ½ inches in diameter. Cover more area in less time with the trust of an established brand behind you.

  • Width of cut: 4.73 Meters,
  • drive to blade available,
  • drive to power drive: 235hp rated gearbox (Need Min 50hp tractor),
  • drive to centre & wings: 205hp rated gearbox (Need Min 50hp tractor),
  • all hydraulic drive: on board hydraulics PTO driven,
  • spindle blade drive: each with hydraulic motor with bypasses etc.

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Barber beach cleaners

Barber beach cleaning machines are effective in removing beach pollution such as seaweed, fish, glass, syringes, plastic, cans, cigarette butts, shells, stone, wood and virtually any unwanted debris.

Barber beach cleaning machines are even used to effectively remove oil and tar balls from beach sand after oil spill disasters.

The Barber Sand Man is a self-propelled, walk-behind beach and sand cleaner that utilizes a sifting screen to process sand and remove unwanted debris.

Compact in size with high flotation tires make it easily manoeuvrable and capable of operating in a variety of sand cleaning conditions.

  • The Barber Surf Rake 600HD now has 50% greater capacity and holds 2.3 cubic meters of material. The increased hopper capacity allows more beach area to be covered in a shorter amount of time,
  • The Barber Surf Rake 400HD is a unique mechanical rake operated by one person from the seat of a towing tractor,
  • The model 400HD is an excellent choice for resorts, hotels and lakeshore communities. This mid-sized model uses the same heavy-duty conveyor and dump components as the 600HD. The 400HD can clean up to 1,6 hectares per hour,
  • Wright’s Stander ZK stand-on design combines the uncompromised control, speed and traction with the power you need for the smallest to the largest jobs. Take the stress off your back and use your legs to ride the hills and tackle changing terrain…

Hydro Transmission 3400 Series

This model can be fitted with Briggs & Stratton or Kawasaki

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