Bucher Vaslin’s Xtraflow free run juice extraction for increased daily output is a game-changer.

New free-run juice extraction process a game-changer

Bucher Vaslin has come up with a major development in its range of Bucher XPert IT presses (100 hl-450 hl). The goal of the new Xtraflow process is to increase the tonnage processed by the press in a normal vintage day, by allowing for more drainage. Results from the Xtraflow process exceeded expectations with an increase in clear free-run quality juice that contributes significantly to the operational efficiency of winery grape processing.

When compared to previous presses, users can expect the following from the Xtraflow:

• A significant increase in the filling rate per press load (how many tons of grapes per press load),
• A reduction in pressing times,
• The ability to fill the press safely and more rapidly using the axial fill with a closed door without having to rely on the operator’s presence to avoid overfilling,
• Increased slot and drain sizes that provide a larger outlet so that the press can drain at a faster rate,
• A diversion gully that has been added so that the juice is directed to the outlet without being impaired by a thick layer of mash. It has been proven that this process doesn’t deteriorate the solid level, giving the Bucher press a massive competitive advantage and reducing the requirement for juice clarification resources and the related costs.

New range of presses unveiled at Vinitech exhibition

Bucher Vaslin has revisited the basics with a new range of wine presses. The Bucher Origin press has been adjusted and tweaked to suit the needs of winemakers. Launched at the Vinitech exhibition, the Bucher Origin press can press up to two bars, whereas competing brands only go up to 1.6-1.8 bars.

In addition, the electropolished quick-fit draining channels require no tools and allow for time and water saving, easy handling and optimal hygiene. The PLC colour touch screen and six sequential and/or six automatic programs also ensures easy operation of the press. The Bucher Origin uses the intelligent OFM program which automatically switches from one level to the other to reduce pressing times when flow rates are very low.

With its quick emptying (one turn under membrane) and easy cleaning, operational efficiency is increased. Operator safety is also enhanced by safety cables and audible alarms.

Other advantages include an accessible juice bin and a large opening that opens on 52% of the length of the tank with a manual door.

Bucher Vaslin is a market leader when it comes to delivering high-quality machines to wineries across the world. With its innovative processes and continuous product improvement it remains committed to meeting the needs of winemakers. Bucher Vaslin is the ideal partner for those seeking innovation!

Bucher Vaslin and Beveratech

Beveratech is proud to offer Bucher Vaslin wine equipment in South Africa, as part of its commitment to offering the local wine industry leading-edge technologies from across the globe.

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