Beveratech focusses on four core areas of filtration:

• Cross flow filtration (representing Bucher Vaslin),
• Depth filter sheets and lenticulars (representing Carlson Filtration and Filtrox),
• Pre-coat filters (representing Bucher Unipektin),
• Cartridge filtration (representing Merck-Millipore).

Bucher Vaslin is the world leader and specialist in winemaking equipment and processes and has been a key player in the industry for some 150 years! Their in-depth knowledge of wine-making and permanent network of field contacts enables Bucher Vaslin to adapt their technology and find viable and cost-effective solutions to meet the requirement of wine makers across the globe.

Carlson Filtration was established in 1923 and enjoys a strong position in the market place for filtration equipment and filtration media ranging from depth filter sheets to high performance cartridges. Carlson Filtration develops, manufactures, and markets filtration systems for filtering whisky, wine, beer, and fruit juice. They also service the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, exporting their products to over 130 countries thoughout the world.

Filtrox is the global technology leader in depth filtration of valuable liquids. Filtrox products include filter sheets and sheet filters, lenticular modules and housings, cartridges, housings and filter aids.

Bucher Unipektin is the world-leading manufacturer of turnkey manufacturing systems for the food and beverage industries. Apart from the well-known candle filter for pre-coat filtration with Kieselgur and PVPP, they also develop, design and manufacture other advanced technologies such as filter systems for beer recovery, or filters for sugar syrup filtration and much more.

Merck Millipore is a market leader in producing innovative high-tech products for the healthcare, life science and performance industries. They employ 39 000 staff across the globe, operating in 66 countries, focussing mainly on improving quality of life in the health care industry.

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