Beveratech Engineering, established in 2008, is a specialist engineering firm focussing on stainless steel and mild steel processing. We manufacture and install a wide range of equipment for various industries, with our services including design, welding, bending and rolling.

Beveratech Engineering is a sister company to Beveratech and also provides engineering services to Beveratech’s other business units when clients require unique and custom solutions.

Our core focus areas include general engineering, the manufacture of processing equipment for the wine, food and beverage industries; custom stainless steel fabrication, engineering design and professional rigging.

We’re proud to be a highly skilled and innovative team, delivering our best at all times. Our motto is that no job is too big or too small and it’s our job to get the job done!


Custom engineering services – when quality is important!

We provide a wide range of general engineering products and services, including design, welding, bending and rolling, with the focus being on stainless steel and mild steel products.

Our team is widely experienced and keenly aware of the importance of quality, consistency and accuracy of work. It is this attention to detail that distinguishes us from our competitors and that has become the hallmark of our work.

No matter what the job, how simple or complex – we deliver our very best at all times.


Custom engineering of wine equipment and lines.

We manufacture, supply and install an extensive range of equipment for the wine industry and are proud to count amongst our clients several leading brand cellars and estates.

Our service offering includes:
Complete sorting lines | Reception bins / elevators | Sorting tables | Vibrating tables or hoppers | Incline conveyors | Crusher and destemmer frames | Hoppers for presses | Press offloading conveyors | Stainless steel and PVC pipelines and pipework | Catwalks | Structures for presses and tanks | Air lines | Large reception bins | Hosts and structures | Turnkey projects | Central feed pipe liners | Static drainers | Rigging | Motorized wheels for presses


Professional engineering design services.

We offer a concept to completion design and layouts of their new product or plant, planned expansions or changes!

Our design team has years of experience in a host of different fields across various industries; these include the wine industry, the fish processing industry and the material handling industry – elevators, conveyors and sorting line equipment. Combining unique insights, bespoke technical ability and a keen sense for innovation, they’re ideally positioned to provide leading-edge solutions to almost any challenge!

Beveratech Engineering’s design team pride themselves on producing quality products and solutions to meet the exact needs of clients.


Beveratech Engineering offers specialist rigging services for all forms of equipment and plant installations. No matter how bizarre or difficult, whether it is removing rooftops to gain access or removing heavy equipment and installing new equipment, we do it all.



  • Press installation
  • Press leg extentions
  • Incline convoyer
  • Vibrating table
  • High capacity hopper
  • Pipe work

De Wet Cellar:

  • Catwalks
  • 30 Ton static drainer
  • Structure upgrades
  • Stainless steel mash pipe lines
  • PVC Cooling pipework
  • Cross flow filter pipework and solid strainers


  • Incline conveyor
  • Crusher frame
  • Press structure on loadcells
  • Stem blower hopper and pipe lines
  • Destemmer renovation and upgrades


  • Mash-cooler
  • Offloading bin
  • Red wine fermentation tank air installation
  • Stainless steel juice lines
  • Mash pipe lines

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Albert Cornelissen (Workshop Manager)

Francois van Zyl (Mechanical Engineer)


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