Beveratech brings leading-edge technologies to the wine-making, brewing, fruit processing and agricultural industries. We’re proud to represent trusted global brands whose technologies are known for innovation and excellence.



Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of first-rate products in the areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. With these as its base, Alfa Laval aims to help enhance the productivity and competitiveness of its customers in various industries throughout the world.

Beveratech offers Alfa Laval expertise and technology in wine, beverage and olive oil processing.

Bucher Vaslin

Bucher Vaslin (France) is the world leader and specialist in wine-making equipment and processes, having been a key player in the wine industry for some 150 years! Their in-depth knowledge of wine equipment and production methods throughout the world enables them to offer a wide range of innovative and proven options for winemakers, from grape reception through to filtration.


PARSEC (France) offers leading-edge winery management systems for oenological control and supervision, dissolved gas management in oenology thermoregulation, selective extraction for red wine making, management of alcoholic fermentations and wine engineering.


Bucher Unipektin

Bucher Unipektin Competence Center Filtration, part of Bucher Industries, is responsible for breakthrough candle filter technology. Membrane filtration has become increasingly popular in the brewing industry and we’re proud to offer a range of leading-edge solutions from Bucher Unipektin.


Bucher Unipektin, together with subsidiary Bucher DENWEL, offers breweries both filtration equipment and complete cold block solutions for yeast plants, water dearation, mixing, dosing, carbonation, nitrogenation, CIP & flash pasteurization plants. Cold block engineering solutions include technological design, process automation, installation and commissioning.



FILTROX (Switzerland) is the global leader in technologies for the depth filtration of valuable liquids. FILTROX products include filter sheets and sheet filters, lenticular modules and housings, cartridges, housings and related filter aids.

Membrane Solutions

Membrane Solutions, founded in 2006, is a world-renowned supplier of membrane filtration products. With integrated R&D, production and sales, it is committed to providing products and solutions in the process of filtration, separation & purification. It has the most comprehensive membrane making core technology, covering microfiltration membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, nanofiltration membranes and RO membranes, and the materials include PES, PVDF, PTFE and Nylon.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the R&D and production area exceeds 40,000 square meters, including 10,000 square meters of sterile and semiconductor-grade clean area. It has IS09001 and C certification and passed the US FDA certification and NSF certification in 2013.

Bucher Unipektin

Bucher Unipektin is the world-leading manufacturer of turnkey manufacturing systems for the food & beverage industries. Apart from the well-known candle filter for pre-coat filtration with Kieselgur and PVPP, they also develop, design and manufacture advanced technologies including filter systems for beer recovery, filters for sugar syrup filtration and much more.

Bucher Vaslin

Bucher Vaslin is the world leader and specialist in winemaking equipment and processes and has been a key player in the industry for some 150 years! Their in-depth knowledge of wine-making and permanent network of field contacts enables then to adapt their technology and find viable and cost-effective solutions to meet the specific requirements of wine makers across the globe.


Voran maschinen

Voran (Austria) offers innovative equipment and systems for commercial fruit processing. With decades of experience in meeting the needs of a wide variety of customers, Voran is widely acclaimed as an industry leader in commercial fruit processing technologies, enabling their customers to retain a competitive edge.


Vacuum Barrier Systems

Vacuum Barrier Systems (Belgium) is the exclusive distributor of Vacuum Barrier Corporation (VBC), the leading American manufacturer of liquid nitrogen transfer systems.

As a supplier of liquid nitrogen transfer systems since 1978, VBS has an in-depth knowledge of a number of specialized cryogenic processes.

Stirling Cryogenics

Stirling Cryogenics (The Netherlands) is a specialist in stand-alone cryogenic cooling systems. In over 60 years, it has supplied more than 4,000 cryogenic systems with more than 6,000 Cryogenerators across the globe.

Stirling Cryogenerators are known for their reliability and have earned the brand an impeccable reputation.


DOHMEYER (Poland) is a leading global manufacturer of cryogenic refrigeration systems for the food processing, pharmaceutical, aeronautic, plastics and steel industries. For more than a decade, Dohmeyer has developed and built custom innovative chilling and freezing solutions with its own team of dedicated engineers specializing in cabinet, in-line tunnel, immersion and spiral freezers.

Fruit control equipments (FCE)

FCE (Italy) has been developing systems throughout the world since 1954, building on the experience of Engineer Felice Bonomi, the historic pioneer of controlled environments.

Over the years, FCE has become a point of reference in the field of controlled atmospheres thanks to its technical expertise and innovative systems.


Binger Seilzug

Binger Seilzug (Germany) offers top-of-the-line vineyard equipment for specialist deleafing and pruning processes.

Founded in 1947, the name `Binger Seilzug` has come to represent innovative and high-quality products amongst winegrowers throughout the world, with the business exporting over 50% of products produced.


Landini (Italy) is a proud and historic Italian brand that designs and builds an extensive range of efficient, high-performance tractors, which are held in high regard in markets throughout the world.

VMA Sprayers

VMA Sprayers (Italy) produces high-quality low-volume sprayers for specialist crops, including grapes and olives. Founded in the late 1960’s, Gian Pietro Vitali drew on his entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity, applying his well-recognised artisan creativity to new industrial applications, resulting in the successful production of a range of highly efficient low-volume sprayers.


DCM (previously Dal Cero) was first established in 1980 in Italy, specialising in the production of fertiliser spreaders, trailers, drills and small agricultural tools. In 2002 a new firm was founded, Dal Cero Metalworking S.N.C. (DCM), to produce specifically fertiliser spreaders, salt spreaders and drills.

Even after 40 years, they continue to listen carefully to the feedback from their clients, dealers and importers to deliver on their goal of building innovative machines, at the forefront of technology.


Merlo (UK) is a an innovative and extremely versatile industrial company that designs, develops and produces most of its components in-house. With 50+ years of experience in research and innovation, it’s a market leader in telehandlers with its products having rotating turrets, a patented suspension cab and hydrostatic transmission.

Founded in 1964, over 90% of its production is exported all over the world through a network of some 600 accredited dealers.


Sovema (Italy) is committed to complete customer satisfaction, through the production of high-quality agricultural implements for soil working, gardening and the maintenance of green areas, and the development and production of cabins for tractors and industrial machines.


McCormick is a leader in agricultural mechanisation and a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of tractors. It’s tractors are well-known and highly respected brands in agricultural mechanisation globally.

With solid roots in the specialist vineyard, orchard, vegetable and high-horsepower row-crop segments, McCormick tractors may be fund supporting farmers world-wide.

Leger SAS

Leger SAS (France) has been supporting fruit growers with quality agricultural equipment since 1981. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery for plum growing, hazelnut growing and viticulture.

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