Beveratech, a long-standing distributor of FILTROX products is proud to have joined FILTROX in Treedom sustainability initiative.

About the Treedom Sustainability Initiative

This valuable initiative involves helping local communities plant and nurture trees on their own land, as a means to preserving our natural heritage.

FILTROX has been developing and manufacturing filter media, for liquid filtration, and filter apparatus in-house since 1938 with the filter medium consisting primarily of cellulose. Cellulose is made from wood, a renewable and CO2-neutral raw material. It is particularly important to FILTROX that the processed trees are reforested. With this commitment, the business helps preserve and ‘green the environment for future generations.

Supporting local communities

The FILTROX Treedom project supports its local communities in planting trees, using a methodology that follows three core principles, recommended by the Global Landscape Forum.


• Transfers skills to local communities, ensuring that the trees will have a long life,
• Plants the right tree species in the right place and for the right purpose,
• Monitors, accompanies and supports tree care during the first three years.

The trees planted absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere. This also promotes the development of microorganisms, improves water storage, reduces erosion and soil runoff and, in the long-run, gives nature the opportunity to regenerate.

Building sustainable agroforestry systems

FILTROX uses the trees planted to build sustainable agroforestry systems, by cultivating a heterogenous combination of trees, shrubs and seasonal crops, sometimes complemented by livestock.

This is a practical and cost-effective way to implement many forms of sustainable management of natural resources and to promote long-term, renewable forest management; particularly among small-scale farmers.

The FILTROX Treedom project aims to protect the environment, while also supporting the communities in which the trees are planted. The project is also carried out in collaboration with NGOs or agri-cooperatives, who are either based in the targeted communities or have been active in the area for a relatively long time and have developed a real understanding of the needs of those communities.

The initiative supports communities in planting and growing trees on their own land, to the benefit of both the local community and the planet at large as planting trees may also help offset carbon emissions.

Beveratech, a long-standing dealer of FILTROX, has recently signed on as a partner in the Treedom Project and is proud to be a part of this valuable sustainability initiative.


FILTROX is an expert in the field of depth filtration for valuable liquids. Their products are of the highest quality and are used to remove microparticles in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages and food.

As part of its commitment toward the environment, FILTROX works together with partners who share the same commitment and values.

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