The evolution of juice lees filtration continues.

bucher flavy x-treme cross-flow filtration system

Bucher Vaslin’s Flavy X-Treme is here!

From the first Joseph Vaslin press in 1856 and Johann Bucher press in 1874, to today’s extensive range, Bucher Vaslin has been providing a unique service to wine-makers and oenologists world-wide. Since the very beginning, Bucher Vaslin has innovated and developed products to fit and satisfy the consumers’ needs. Bucher Vaslin remains attentive to the evolving needs of the wine-making world while continuing their search for improved quality.

Over the last 3 decades, wine-makers have embraced the use of cross flow filtration. Scaling from small to large wineries, the benefits of reduced losses and increased wine quality have made this technology the benchmark in the industry. Since 2007 Bucher Vaslin has been offering the added benefit of filtering juice lees by adding a different set of filtration modules on their Flavy X series cross-flow. A significant advantage to this machine is the limited amount of space it needs to function, as well as reduced safety hazards and the cost of consumables. The Flavy X series allows for higher recovery while preserving the aromas in the juice sediments a lot better compared to RDV’s (drum filters).

The Flavy X series has the ability to filter without loss of quality, wine-makers can reduce the settling time with equal or superior recovery compared to the RDV’s. During the years 2007 and 2020, the floatation of juices has become extremely popular amongst wineries. The use of additives for heat and protein stability on the juice, as well as carbon, has increased. These 2 factors played a crucial role in the evolvement of the cross-flow filters, encouraging necessary changes through product innovations and research.

The new generation of this series, the Flavy X-Treme, includes processes that offer improved control on the concentration level inside the filtration loop therefore ensuring the versatility of the machine. Substances that can be filtered through the Flavy X-Treme include; cold settled juice bottoms, floated juice solids, whole juice tanks to avoid any trace of carbon in the ferment, whole tanks of juice to remove all yeast, additives such as bentonite, gelatine, casein, etc. and many more. Compared to previous generation filters the Flavy X-Treme is 2-4 times faster for the same size machine due to longer hours of operation without rinsing or a chemical wash. This results in less waste of product, 4 times less chemicals and 3 times less water usage. The Flavy X-Treme is known for its simplicity. Not only from an operator’s perspective but from a maintenance perspective as well. The simplicity of this filter is highlighted by its user-friendliness and limited number of pipes and valves.

Since the launch of the Flavy X-Treme in 2020, the filter has rightfully taken its place as the industry leader. The evolution of juice lees filtration continues.

Bucher Vaslin, the ideal partner when seeking perfection.

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