Beveratech is proud to have once again been a sponsor of Hallo Merlot and its work in promoting merlot.

Beveratech voted in Top 10 sponsors for Hallo Merlot

Hallo Merlot serves as a platform to promote wine made from the merlot grape variety. Hallo Merlot is primarily used to share knowledge and acquire information regarding merlot. All knowledge and skills are shared amongst members and producers through various workshops or online discussions.

The Hallo Merlot forum strives to improve both the image and quality of South African merlot and merlot-based blends by sharing information and perspectives. The forum also devotes a lot to merlot marketing, making more South Africans aware of merlot. Hallo Merlot focuses on identifying valuable research that can contribute to making merlot matter to South Africa.

Why Merlot?

Merlot is often regarded as the perfect blending partner that adds a certain velvety softness to the final wine. Numerous examples of full-bodies wines, with good colour, balanced tannins and the ability to age well, may be found globally. With attentive grape and wine production processes and techniques, merlot has earned its place amongst the great wines. Hallo Merlot encourages this through sharing ideas and concepts, as well as a love and passion for merlot.

Beveratech has been a proud sponsor of Hallo Merlot and its goals since 2018. Beveratech is also committed to the wine making industry and brings leading-edge technologies from around the globe to winemakers. As we share the same love and passion for wine as Hallo Merlot, we value our association and enjoy seeing so many wine enthusiasts and wine makers from across South Africa come together to share their craft.

We, at Beveratech, look forward to walking a long road with the Hallo Merlot forum.

Click on the link below to find out more about Hallo Merlo and this year’s winners of the TOP 10 Merlot competition, which was held on 22 June.

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