The ideal event when it comes to showcasing agricultural equipment and machinery, or to gain knowledge on the farming / agricultural industry.

Nampo Harvest Day 2022

Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day is one of the largest agricultural exhibitions under private ownership taken place annually, on the outskirts of the town of Bothaville, in the Free State. In 1967 the first NAMPO Harvest Day was held, on Donkerhoek, a farm near Bloemfontein and was attended by only 200 producers. Multiple farms were used to host the event until the size of the event required a more permanent venue. In 1974, NAMPO Harvest Day was established on a permanent venue, Bothaville, known today as NAMPO Park.

Both Jan Snyman and Ernst Coetzee (salesmen at Beveratech) were privileged enough to attend NAMPO this year from 16-20 May. During the 5 days there were 72 000 people in attendance and +/-500 stalls exhibiting all different types of agricultural implements and machinery. People came from all over the country to attend this major event, there were a total of 365 planes and 37 helicopters bringing in people from different locations across South Africa. Ernst Coetzee worked at the Merlo Telehandler stand and Jan Snyman at the ARGO Landini stand. Many of the exhibitors that were present used the event to launch new products, new product developments and/or technologies used. Many brands also showed off new or improved models of existing products.

NAMPO serves as a massive platform for making connections and building relationships with all types of farmers, potential clients and existing clients that are in attendance. Since a variety of international companies export their products to South African dealers, they also attend NAMPO. This gives South African manufacturers and dealers the opportunity to learn more about international technologies, products and markets.

NAMPO is an ideal event when it comes to showcasing agricultural equipment and machinery, or to gain knowledge on the farming/agricultural industry. Jan Snyman and Ernst Coetzee were really fortunate to attend this event, experiencing so many people coming together and sharing their love and appreciation for farming and agriculture. Interacting with people who have so much knowledge and experience in the agricultural industry is an experience on its own. For Beveratech to have had a presence there and to be represented was an honour. To be a part of such a big and influential event was truly a blessing.

Not being able to attend the event for two years due to Covid-19 was tough, but this year did not disappoint at all. The cold weather, early mornings and 30 000 steps per day were worth it, worth all the knowledge gained and connections made.

We, at Beveratech, look forward to the years ahead, creating a bigger presence for ourselves and our business.

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