Cooled tank storage facility – 6.2 million litres

CLIENT: Botha Cellar   |   LOCATION: R43 between Worcester and Wolseley

project overview:

The client needed a solution to address the issues around the storage of excess wine at locations some distance away from the cellar. In addition to the complex logistics of transporting wine to, and monitoring wine at the locations, the expenses involved in hiring these facilities were substantial.

The solution was to design and construct an on-site storage and fermentation facility, with easy access from the cellar and accessible loading facilities. The facility houses 80 tanks with a capacity of 11.4 million litres and an intricate piping system to pump to and from the cellar. The tank temperatures are controlled with an automated system for cost effective and precision cooling for each step of the wine making process.

The project included architectural design, process layout design, catwalks and pipeline design, civil and structural design and construction, rigging and installation of all applicable heavy equipment.

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Francois van Zyl (Mechanical Engineer)

Heinrich du Preez (Mechanical Engineer)


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