slanghoek cellars bulk wine storage facility

Offloading and Process Upgrades – Phase 1

CLIENT: Slanghoek Cellar |   LOCATION: Slanghoek Valley, Rawsonville

project overview:

Long working hours per day running at maximum capacity quickly becomes an even longer day should everything not run as smoothly as planned, therefore a need to increase the processing capacity and efficiency in the cellar was identified. Beveratech Projects was tasked to design a completely new offloading system which includes the offloading bin, de-stemmer, crusher, mash hopper and pump, mash cooler, catwalks, screw conveyors, and stainless-steel pipeline to the rest of the wine-making equipment.

The new offloading system was designed to process grapes at 80 ton/hr. The equipment is operated from the central control panel and integrated to work in harmony with the rest of the cellar. The new pipeline layout was designed to pump mash to a wider variety of presses and static drainers, providing more process options, depending on the winemaker’s needs.

The project included process layout design, catwalks and pipeline design, new electrical automation and control, civil and structural design, construction, rigging and installation of all applicable heavy equipment.

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Francois van Zyl (Mechanical Engineer)

Heinrich du Preez (Mechanical Engineer)


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