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Beveratech and Turbmatic (SAE) History

After nearly 20 years in the fruit and agricultural machinery sector Mario Poltronieri and his son, Orazio, founded SAE. Their mission was to produce and market specialized machines for farmers in the province of Ferrara, Italy. It is here where their first experiment with spraying machines began.

The evolution of the Turbmatic range started back in 1946, complying with the needs and indications of the customer. Customer satisfaction is a core business objective for SAE. Together with 38 original fan systems, propeller or centrifugal, SAE offers a variety of solutions to the spraying sector. SAE has always offered, for all its range of fan systems and centrifugal blowers, a high quality as for performances and power absorptions, airflow and distribution. SAE has integrated extreme awareness towards environmental safeguard to obtain low fuel consumption and low emission of exhausting gases. It is with confidence that SAE can guarantee that all their products are 100% made in Italy. Each component in their products, custom or standard, is designed and manufactured in Italy with the help of qualified suppliers. SAE has representation in more than 30 countries, in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

In 1977 there was an increased demand for quality sprayers in Africa, contact was made with SAE and the first Turbmatic sprayer was imported to South Africa. During 2010, the same year Beveratech Agri was established, SAE reached out to us with the aim of us becoming a supplier of the Turbmatic sprayer and other equipment within South Africa and Africa as a whole. We have since been a proud supplier of the Turbmatic sprayer. SAE stays ahead of competition by using cutting edge technology to manufacture and deliver products of such high quality. SAE has been one of our best suppliers, regarding sales, services and spare parts. Their series consists of 35 different models, each suited for a specific need.

They have set the bar high in their particular field. We are happy and proud to be selling their product throughout Africa.

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