Landpower T3

The new Landini Landpower range has been extensively restyled. The new “Master Class” four-post Cab provides excellent all-round visibility and ergonomically arranged controls for comfortable driving in the Cab version. There is a revamped platform with newly designed dashboard and controls for the Platform version.

The Techno models are the 125 (86kW), 135 (98kW), 145 (104kW) and 165 (116kW). The three Toptronic models are the 135 (98kW), 145 (104kW) and 165 (116kW). All are fitted with Betapower six-cylinder, turbocharged and inter-cooled engines.

The Techno range has a basic six-speed synchronized transmission with three speed ranges per gear and a creeper gear. It has 36 forward and 36 reverse gears. The Toptronic models are equipped with a basic six-speed synchronized transmission with three ranges and creeper plus 3 power shifts per gear. It has 108 forward and 36 reverse gears and an electro hydraulic shuttle.

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