Liquid Nitrogen Production System

Our StirLIN products (see below) consist of a wide range of liquid nitrogen liquefiers producing LN2 in volumes from 3 up to a 50 liter per hour (70 to 3.600 liters per day). The liquid nitrogen generation plants are a popular, plug and produce solution. These liquid nitrogen generators produce LN2 on-site from ambient air by onlly using electrical power, taking up little space.

Stirling Cryogenics offers a range of LN2 producing plants with different capacities but all based on the same principle and with the same features.

Specifications and advantages:

The functionality and specifications of the StirLIN range and the advantages of our StirLIN liquid nitrogen liquefaction system:

• Ease of installation
• Fully automatic operation by PLC control
• Extendible LN2 production capacity
• Adjustable liquid nitrogen pressure
• Efficient production by using the StirLIN cycle
• Easy liquid nitrogen dispense
• Low noise level
• Built for stringent climate conditions (and adaptable to extremes)
• Connectable to all 3-phase power supplies
• Worldwide service support

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