FILTROX Lenticular Modules

FILTRODISC™ Depth Filtration Modules are able to handle large filter areas easily in a disposable assembly. Filtration is performed in a closed system. Depth filter sheets inside have a high dirt holding capacity.

FILTRODISC™ AF Standard depth filter sheets are made for a large number of applications.


FILTRODISC™ CARBOFIL™ carbon filter modules are made of sheets with immobilised activated carbon.

FILTRODISC™ HT modules are resisting temperatures up to 110 °C. So, they are ideal for high temperature applications.

FILTRODISC™ UHT modules are specifically for applications with ultra-high temperatures, the UHT modules for up to 180 °C are the right choice.

FILTRODISC™ XL Multi-layer filter modules provide a higher dirt hold capacity and also multi-step filtration.

FILTRODISC™ PLUS2 are the latest generation of depth filter modules. The new modules convince by an improved design as well as the high-capacity depth filter sheets (H grades). Consequently, the PLUS 2 can be back-flushed.

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