Static drainer

Beveratech Engineering manufactures two types of Static drainers for the wine processing industry:

To drain juice from mash/pulp grapes using gravity – under their own weight. This produces a high-quality juice for premium wines.
To provide buffer capacity before the pressing process. It is sometimes necessary for the incoming pulp to be temporarily stored before the press is available for loading. This also increases the capacity of the press as more grapes may be loaded after having already being drained of some juice while being held in the static drainer. For longer skin contact the static drainer may also be used as a pump-over.


• Drains grape mash/pulp under static conditions
• Produce top quality, A-class juice
• Rated capacity: 8 ton– 30 ton
• Static drainers can be used as pump overs for more skin contact
• Manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel
• Screw conveyor used to extract leftover dry mash/pulp

Depending on the capacity and purpose, they vary in size and complexity.

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