Cerinox BF

Cross-flow beer filtration with ceramic membranes.

Bucher Unipektin Competence Center Filtration presents a solution for crossflow beer filtration with ceramic membranes. The CERINOX® BF allows crossflow membrane filtration of beer and other fermented beverages like e.g. cider. Based on its competence in beer filtration and the long experience with CERINOX® BR cross-flow systems for beer recovery from tank bottoms, CERINOX® BF is a potential alternative to meet the requirements of the brewing industry.

With the ceramic membranes, with 1.4 mm channels, it is now possible to reach the same density as the polymer membranes. This allows also retrofitting of existing systems such as Microstar, which is still widely used in wineries.

Microstar Retrofit

Upgrade from polysulfon filter to a modern ceramic filter:

• Easy, fast and economic
• Robust ceramic element
• Long service life

With the new generation of ceramic membranes it is possible to retrofit existing MICROSTAR filters without loosing filtration area. The existing module housing can be reused.


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