Cerinox MF

For wine, cider, fruit juice, vinegar and other food products:
• Standardized units
• Skid-mounted
• Ready to use

The CERINOX® is a compact cross-flow filtration plant equipped with ceramic tubular membranes. There are standard units available as well as custom-designed installations. Different automation levels are available, from manually controlled units up to fully automated plants.

The special design of the so-called dual-flow modules allows high packing density of filter surface, which leads to small footprints and lower heights of CERINOX® plants. Especially because of the latter, the CERINOX® is easy to maintain. Due to the compactness of the plant, its inner volume is small compared to the installed filter area. This leads to low water and energy consumption as well as low product losses.

Tailor made ceramic membranes guarantee high economic benefit and high filtrate quality. The high durability of the membranes, together with a well proven process based on 15 years of experience with more than 50 plants installed worldwide, lead to very reliable systems with very low demand for operator presence and maintenance. This makes the CERINOX® a standard solution for microfiltration of food products.


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