Management of alcoholic fermentation

Dynamic Analysis of Fermentation Kinetics

Parsec’s ADCF system monitors carbon dioxide production in real time, this being an indicator of the consumption of sugars in the fermentation process.

By maintaining a slight overpressure in the tank, ADCF measures even the slightest variations in pressure generated by the production of CO2, which is then released via a vent valve.  ADCF can be applied to any tank equipped with a manhole, both in the vinification of white musts and for red grapes.

Thanks to ADCF, it is possible to obtain a precise snapshot of the parameters that indicate progress of the fermentation process (such as the velocity of the fermentation) in any given moment.  Used with the SAEn5000 monitoring system, regular fermentations may be carefully managed to avert the risks of slowdowns or arrests.

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